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March 2017: Open DAPAD Postdoc_MS2T_2017 on Cooperative vehicle perception to support autonomous driving.

March 2017SIVALab, a shared research laboratory between Renault and Heudiasyc Lab. for autonomous vehicules.

June 29, 2016Should Driverless Cars also Be Borderless? In Journal of CNRS.

On May 28-29, 2016: We have been participating in the international GCDCGrand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016. The competition – consisting of three different traffic scenarios – was held on the A270 highway between Helmond and Eindhoven in The Netherlands. The three trials were all about testing the ability of the self-driving cars such as: merging two rows of vehicles up to one, automated crossing and turn at an intersection and automatically give way to an emergency vehicle.  See on WebTV UTC (in French).

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Sept. 2015DAPAD in brief.